The Federal Government’s failure to recognize the legitimacy of state cannabis laws creates practical obstacles for cannabis companies aiming to comply with California’s Medicinal and Adult-Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act (MAUCRSA). California has granted authority to the Bureau of Cannabis Control, the Department of Public Health, and the Department of Food and Agriculture to regulate specific cannabis business types; each of these agencies has developed its own set of regulations specific to the license type(s) under its governance. 

Additionally, the MAUCRSA defers to local cities and counties on various issues, including whether to permit cannabis business within the municipality.  In short, varying state and local legal requirements has made legal compliance in the cannabis industry particularly difficult. Green Consulting Partners have been following, anticipating, and studying this labyrinth of regulations, and our expertise in the area is unmatched.

Plan Reviews

Our team is familiar with every type of cannabis business as well as their respective regulations.  We have drafted and reviewed enough business and operating plans to know good plans from bad. Boilerplate Standard Operating Procedures cut and pasted from the internet no longer pass muster in licensing jurisdictions; implausible business and operating plans are increasingly scrutinized by both investors and municipal application review bodies. 

Licensing jurisdictions and investors expect Cannabis Business Plans to exemplify the thoroughness that is required to execute a multi-million dollar venture. 

Plans, particularly SOP’s, should incorporate regulatory language: accuracy, consistency and knowledgeability are paramount in the increasingly competitive world of cannabis business licensing. At Green Consulting Partners, we pride ourselves on working with clients to create one-of-a-kind customized business and operating plans that carefully synchronize our client’s visions with the requirements of local licensing jurisdictions.

Site & Operations Audits

Legal compliance considerations are a continuing occurrence for cannabis businesses. Compliance issues arise during the buildout phase and continues to the operational phase of the business. Minor compliance infractions result in fines; major compliance infractions may result in the revocation of a cannabis business license. 

Authorized personnel, whether it be local law enforcement or state agency, have unrestricted access to every cannabis business as a condition of licensure. It is strategically sound for an operator to have regular compliance audits to limit the company’s exposure to possible compliance violations. 

As part of our continuing legal compliance services, our team prepares comprehensive business compliance checklists – taking into account local law, state law, and business type – to evaluate an operation and to help maintain a detailed compliance report and guidance moving forward.

Ancillary Legal Compliance Work

GreenCP takes a holistic approach to regulatory compliance. Whether your aim is to entrust an entire project in our hands or you merely need a concept or document reviewed, our team is well-equipped to handle any compliance request. 

Cannabis businesses are implicitly high-risk and require significant amounts of capital investment; accordingly, it is highly advisable to have cannabis business proposals and cannabis license application materials reviewed by a well-reputed professional prior to making consequential decisions or taking official actions. 

There are myriad regulations peripheral to the straightforward operational requirements of cannabis businesses, from advertising restrictions to patron conduct in a retail setting. Our team’s unique experience in the cannabis industry allows us to provide detailed, accurate and timely compliance assessments on a breadth of issues for our clients.

If you think compliance is expensive – try non-compliance. – Paul McNulty, former Attorney General

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