Over time, jurisdictions have developed increasingly nuanced licensing processes and requirements that involve complex ranking criteria for business license applicants.  These evolving jurisdictional application requirements highlight the importance of working with an experienced professional on for Cannabis License Acquisition.

Our collective background and experience uniquely qualifies us to write, compile, and submit sophisticated and accurate cannabis business license applications.

We have helped clients obtain licenses in Cities and Counties throughout the state and, in doing so, we have become adept at deciphering each municipality’s distinctive instructions and requirements with tremendous insight and efficiency. Green Consulting Partners has worked with clients to obtain both municipal and state licensing under the MAUCRSA.

Application Review & Oversight

In addition to business and operating plan reviews, Green Consulting Partners offers full application review and oversight services. Our experience has imparted two valuable insights:

  1. No two jurisdictions’ licensing requirements are identical
  2. Applicants must tailor their application materials specific to the respective jurisdiction’s regulations and application guidelines

It is hard to conceive, but an applicant that has secured a property, developed business and operating plans, and paid application fees can have their entire application rejected on account of a formatting or procedural error.  

We have seen cannabis license acquisition application guidelines that disqualify applicants for submitting superfluous information, reject submissions that are stapled, and other seemingly trivial instructions.  Applications should be meticulously reviewed, and applicants must be sure their t’s are crossed and their i’s are dotted; otherwise, applicants are encouraged to hire a professional to review and oversee their application materials.

Business & Operating Plans

Cities and Counties may have differing categorizations for their requirements but typically business plans, operating plans, labor relations plans, nuisance mitigation plans, license-type specific day-to-day operations plans, community involvement plans, safety plans, and neighborhood compatibility plans are all required to apply for a local cannabis business license.

Green Consulting Partners handles every sub-component of a cannabis business and operating plan, and we have successfully worked with clients to acquire over 70 licenses.

Our emphasis is on accuracy, compliance, and realistic financial forecasts. Standard Operating Procedures should be developed in accordance with local and state regulations, business type, business site and scale of operations.

In addition to covering the basics for your cannabis license acquisition, there is often a delicate balancing act with respect to promising the moon and formally committing the business to practices and policies that benefit the community in which you intend to operate. Our firm’s services include working with clients to develop and draft comprehensive and reliable business plans. Within a market that continues to fluctuate, our plans integrate realistic projections to ensure and emphasize long-term sustainability.

Local & State Licensing

We offer complete license application services have never had a license denied that was handled entirely in-house.

Our process begins by discussing a client’s goals within the industry. Once clients have chosen a target jurisdiction and business type, our work begins in earnest. We diligently review jurisdictional materials: ordinances, council or board minutes, municipal codes, and application guidelines (if available). Our team outlines the regulatory program and necessary operational requirements, and cross-references this information with the client’s business plan. Green Consulting Partners drafts and compiles the application materials to delicately synchronize the client’s vision with the municipality’s expectations.

This approach has allowed us to consistently secure local cannabis business license approval for our clients.  At the state level we re purpose the materials and make necessary modifications to submit and obtain the requisite temporary and annual licenses. State and local licensing involve many moving pieces and the coordination of requirements from multiple regulatory bodies. Green Consulting Partners’ experience allows us to expertly navigate these processes and manage client projects to successfully obtain cannabis business licenses.

Competitive Licensing Strategy & Execution

Not every jurisdiction that institutes a cannabis business licensing program does so through a conventional application process.  As the trend towards national decriminalization and legalization continues to gain momentum, and as more and more jurisdictions switch to permitting and regulating cannabis businesses, there is the natural consequence of increased interest – in our profession this means serious competition.

If a desirable jurisdiction releases a licensing program and introduces a license cap, then there will undoubtedly be many more application submissions than available licenses.  Cities and Counties use this leverage to introduce a vetting process via detailed application rubrics and ranking criteria. Under these circumstances applicants must submit an extremely accurate, customized, and detailed application that addresses every point allocation within the scoring rubric.

Our firm competes with some of the biggest players in the cannabis industry with respect to competitive license acquisition and our track record speaks for itself.

Competitive licensing jurisdictions require extensive research, familiarity with local prerogatives, strategic anticipation, and strong narrative development; a unique company ethos and vision as well as a visually-intriguing presentation are also necessary factors in competitive licensing jurisdictions.

The details are not the details, they make the design. – Charles Eames

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