Cannabis Legislation Resources


SB 1459: Cannabis Provisional Licensing

AB 2020: Cannabis Events – See GCP article here

AB 1793: Cannabis Convictions

SB 1294: California Cannabis Equity Act of 2018 (CCEA)

AB 2215: Vets and Cannabis

AB 2402: Cannabis Customer Privacy

AB 2914: Cannabinoids and Alcohol

AB 2799: Cal-OSHA Requirement

SB 420: Medical Marijuana

SB 94: Medical and Adult-Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act (MAUCRSA)

AB 133: SB 94 Clean-Up Bill

SB 1409: Commercial Hemp Cultivators

AB 2402: Sharing of Customers Personal Information

AB 2899: Suspension of License and Advertisement

AB 2721: Lab Testing for Homegrown Cannabis

AB 873: CDFA Employees Can Make Arrests

AB 3112:  Outlaws Sale of Non-Odorized Butane

SB 311: Distributors Can Transfer Product Between Other Licensed Distributors

AB 2255: Distributors Must Carry No More Cannabis Than Listed on Shipping Manifest

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