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License applications

Green CP's core strength is handling business license applications at both the state and local levels. The legalized cannabis industry is both nascent and heavily regulated, and business license applications must comply with municipal codes, the MAUCRSA, and other legislation. Since there is limited guidance in the budding industry, it is prudent to seek guidance from professionals with a documented and verifiable track record of license acquisition throughout the state. 

investment capital

Establishing a cannabis enterprise requires resources. Green CP approaches investment procurement with an eye for value added partners and is capable of compiling sophisticated investment packages that will not only impress potential investors, but pass muster with an investor's accountants and attorneys. Our goal, as cliche as it may be, is to facilitate win-win investment partnerships. 

business & operating plans

Business plans, operating plans, labor relations plans, nuisance mitigation plans, license-type specific day-to-day operations plans, community involvement plans, safety plans, and neighborhood compatibility plans are typically required to apply for a cannabis business license. Green CP is capable of handling almost any subcomponent of a cannabis business plan, and we have written dozens in their entirety. Our emphasis is on accuracy, compliance, and realistic financial forecasts. 

referrals & Networking

Green CP has successfully acquired cannabis business licenses spanning California. Our clients span the globe. We have developed a dynamic network of industry leaders: equipment providers, architects and engineers, cannabis industry stalwarts, security contractors, banking specialists, general contractors, licensed cannabis business CEOs and Presidents, venture capitalists, and others. Together, Green CP and its network are committed to the long term success of the regulated cannabis industry. 


The Federal Government's hard stance against cannabis creates practical obstacles for cannabis companies aiming to comply with tax regulations and best banking practices. California's Medicinal and Adult-Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act provides much needed guidance. California has tasked the Bureau of Cannabis Control, the Department of Public Health, and the Department of Agriculture with regulating specific license types - each of these agencies has released its own set of regulations. Additionally, the MAUCRSA defers to municipalities, whether city or county, on various issues, including whether to permit cannabis business within the municipality. Green CP has been following, anticipating, and studying this labyrinth of regulations, and our expertise in the area is likely unmatched.  

business formation

Forming a business entity for the purpose of running a cannabis business should not be executed frivolously. How you structure a company, and who is named on the company as a member of the company, will be consequential when it comes to state and local licensing processes and review. Green CP is adept at pointing you in the proper direction.