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Other Industry Services

Referrals & Networking


Green Consulting Partners’ clients include individuals and entities across the globe. Our experience in the cannabis industry has allowed us to develop a dynamic network of industry leaders: equipment providers, architects and engineers, cannabis industry stalwarts, real estate agents, security contractors, banking specialists, general contractors, licensed cannabis business CEOs and Presidents, venture capitalists, and others. Together, Green Consulting Partners and our network of clients and industry professionals are committed to working together towards long-term success.


Business Formation


Forming a business entity for the purpose of running a cannabis business should not be executed frivolously. How you structure a company, and who is named as a member of the company, will be consequential when it comes to state and local licensing processes and review. Further, corporate formation decisions have serious tax and ownership implications that effect how a company can raise investment capital and add owners or members to a given entity. Green Consulting Partners helps clients chose the corporate structure that best suits their intended business model. 


Real Estate, Zoning & Land Use


Finding a properly zoned property is one of the largest obstacles prospective cannabis businesses face early on. Practically every municipality in the country has zoning regulations, and these zoning parameters dictate what uses are acceptable. Zoning and land use implications extend to construction and development, parking requirements, ingress and egress, all the way to restrictions on hours of operation. At the state level, environmental regulations need to be contemplated, particularly if a project will have an impact on the existing development footprint. Green Consulting Partners provides thorough zoning analyses and is adept at assessing land use implications with respect to applications and relevant permits. We offer guidance and direction to clients who are serious about finding and securing viable and compliant properties.


Jurisdictional Outreach & Advocacy


Green Consulting Partners has worked with dozens of jurisdictions and we have learned the intricacies of how cities and counties operate as well as what their regulatory priorities are. Our standard includes developing meaningful rapport with the administration of every municipality we work with. Further, since local jurisdictions determine for themselves the scope of cannabis business activities, we engage in advocacy on behalf of clients to ensure their interests are accounted for in emerging legislation and regulations. We approach administrative personnel with licensing ideas and cost-benefit analyses, as well as participate in public hearings and community outreach efforts. If you have an interest in a jurisdiction with a limited licensing program, or a prohibition on licensing, and want to establish a cannabis business, Green Consulting Partners is capable of advocating on your behalf.



There is no substitute for hard work. - Thomas Edison

Green Consulting Partners
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