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Cannabis Business Consultants

Compliance ~ Business Development ~ Investment Capital ~ License Acquisition 

Green Consulting Partners was created in order to bring a new level of professionalism and service to the Cannabis industry. In recent years, the Cannabis industry has grown rapidly with various firms emerging to try to capture their share of the market. In the process, many firms often make mistakes and mislead their clients simply because there isn’t a well-established body of information to draw from. Moreover, there is a level of legal, political, and social baggage attached to the industry that requires experience to navigate effectively.

If you are even considering building a cannabis business in the United States, contact us today. As our clients will testify, we are available at every step of the process, from incorporation to the brick-and-mortar opening.

Meet the Team

Sean Maddocks
Sean Maddocks
Managing Partner

Biography Sean Maddocks is a California attorney and graduate of UC Berkeley and UCLA School of Law. Mr…. 

Casey Daniels
Casey Daniels

Biography Casey brings a wealth of experience to the Green Consulting Partners team from his background in municipal…

My prior experience is completely outside of the cannabis industry. I have owned and managed several businesses around the country; I saw an opportunity to become a cannabis and cannabis products supplier in California and have worked with Green Consulting Partners to get over a dozen cannabis business licenses including cultivation, distribution, and manufacturing permits.”

--Michael D

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