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AB 2721: Lab Testing for Homegrown Cannabis

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

The passing of the Medical and Adult-Use of Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act in early 2018 allowed testing facilities to sample and test batches of cannabis from cannabis business licensees only. This has left patients and adult-use cannabis growers wondering whether or not their homegrown cannabis is actually fit for human consumption.

Luckily, California recently passed Assembly Bill 2721 (AB 2721). AB 2721 allows individuals to get their homegrown cannabis tested to ensure it lives up to state health and testing standards. Since testing cannabis can run over $200 per sample of cannabis tested, this may not be feasible for every personal-use cannabis cultivator. However, people who have been growing for years and have developed unique strains as personal-use growers have the ability to test their cannabis not only for cannabinoid and pesticide content, but also for genetics.

This may seem like a small win for the cannabis industry, but it is huge news for individuals who have spent years developing new strains that treat specific ailments and retain individualized therapeutic effects. As of now regulations do not specify where cultivator’s seeds and clones need to originate from, but the CDFA has said that an individual selling clones or seeds must obtain a nursery license to do so. While personal-use cultivators have the ability to test their cannabis they are still unable to profit from their breeding expertise unless they obtain a nursery license or grow their own strains under their own cultivation license, which is a whole other venture in itself.

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